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  Land Rich: Hot Properties

Boston Herald
August 27, 2002

The Archdiocese of Boston claims it would need to close schools and churches if it was to make good on settlements to victims of sexual abuse by clergy, but a Boston Herald investigation found nearly $160 million in church property the church no longer uses.

[The following table has been sorted by in descending order of assessment value. View the Boston Herald table in its original order. A two-part article {1} {2} accompanied this table, as well as an editorial. The archdiocese of Boston published a reply to this analysis in the Pilot, its weekly newspaper. At the bottom of this page we have reproduced the map that appeared with the original Herald article.]

Property listings followed by assessed value:

Boston-Brighton 9-27 Lake St. $25,784,000
Boston 60 O'Connell Way (Regina Cleri) $10,959,000
Cambridge 170 Rindge Ave. (Our Lady of Pity church and school) $7,487,300
Cambridge 122 Rindge Ave. (former St. John's school) $6,720,400
Waltham 133 School St. (former convent) $3,818,300
Newton 64-90 Crescent Ave. (former school and convent) $3,671,000
Watertown 25 Chestnut St. (former school and convent) $3,633,700
Boston-Roslindale 190 Cummings Hwy. (former St. Clare's high school) $3,563,000
Marblehead Atlantic Ave. (former school used for CCD) $3,549,000
Belmont 23 Oakley Rd. (former Our Lady of Mercy parish hall) $3,508,000
Newburyport Former church/school property $3,400,000
Arlington More recreational land $2,945,400
Newton 8-28 Commonwealth Ave. (former St. Ignatius) $2,848,100
Newton 1497-1505 Washington St. (former school and convent) $2,656,300
Brockton 37 Erie Ave. (former St. Colman's school) $2,567,530
Winthrop Lincoln St. (CCD etc. complex) $2,550,000
Boston-Hyde Park 1286 Hyde Park Ave. (former Most Precious Blood school) $2,517,000
Waltham 880 Trapelo Rd. (25 acres) $2,500,000
Natick 45 Central St. (former St. Patrick's school) $2,467,600
Boston-Brighton 2102-2121 Commonwealth Ave. (land only) $2,467,000
Waltham 527 Main St. (former St. Joseph's school) $2,376,900
Quincy 32 Phipps St. (former St. John's school and convent) $2,228,770
Brookline 207 Freeman St. (former St. Aidan) $2,222,900
Weymouth 1199 Commercial St. (former school and convent) $2,154,100
Salem Federal St. (rented by city) $1,980,000
Cambridge 80 Seventh St. (former Sacred Heart school) $1,935,400
Framingham 25 Clinton St. (former St. Stephen's school) $1,689,500
Boston-Dorchester 750 Dorchester Ave. (former central laundry) $1,669,000
Belmont 160 Lexington St. (former St. Luke’s school) $1,597,000
Franklin 201 Main St. (Benjamin Franklin charter, 5.29 acres) $1,524,000
Lowell Dracut St. (3-story apartment building) $1,486,500
Woburn 8 Summer St. (former St. Charles convent) $1,407,816
Swampscott Former school, now CCD $1,330,000
Newton 24 Prospect Pl. (former convent) $1,306,600
Natick 5 Wilson St. (former convent) $1,227,000
Milton Our Lady's Hall (Regina Cleri) $1,210,400
Somerville Land used as athletic fields $1,198,500
Newton 1522 Washington St. (former rectory/schoolhouse) $1,198,400
Bridgewater 123 Center St. (St. Thomas Aquinas parish center) $1,155,700
Brookline 918 W. Roxbury Pkwy. (Infant Jesus church) $1,086,300
Boston-Jamaica Plain Woodman St. (former St. Thomas school) $1,033,500
Swampscott Humphrey St. (CCD and nursery school) $902,000
Hingham Crestwood and Woodlock Rds. (4 parcels) $836,000
Boston-Roxbury Circuit St. (former St. Joseph parish) $828,700
Boston 516 Columbia Rd. $787,100
Boston-South Boston 70 Gen. William Devine Way $784,900
Chelsea Parcel at former church $775,700
Lowell Merrimack St. (9-bedroom-plus building) $771,500
Boston-Dorchester 530 Columbia Rd. (former parsonage) $770,700
Brookline 158 Pleasant St. (former rectory) $657,300
Salem St. Peter St. (former St. John the Baptist school) $649,100
Somerville 9-plus bedroom dorm-like building $644,900
Lowell W. 6th St. (8-bed, 6.5-bath house) $643,500
Quincy 882 Hancock St. (Labor Guild) $602,080
Natick 4-6 Lincoln St. (recent purchase) $600,600
Hudson 186 Main St. (recent purchase) $600,000
Salem Margin St. (office building) $560,200
Belmont 407 Belmont St. (former convent-CCD) $558,000
Maynard 65 Great Rd. (former St. Casimir) $553,400
Boston-Dorchester Bowdoin St. (St. Peter's convent) $524,800
Cambridge 44 Dudley St. (Rev. Thos. J. Williams Park) $511,000
Boston-East Boston 54 Ashley St. (youth center) $508,400
Hudson 246-250 Main St. (recent purchase) $500,000
Belmont 132 Lexington St. (rents for $127,000) $498,000
Boston 211 Bay State Rd. (B.U. Catholic Center) $492,600
Boston-Jamaica Plain Jamaica St. (former Leo XIII school) $435,900
Arlington Land used for Little League $435,600
Weston Boston Post Rd. (1-acre vacant lot) $431,300
Brookline 6 Woodcliff Rd. (Infant Jesus rectory) $426,100
Foxboro 50 Carpenter (land and building) $419,700
Salisbury Parsonage at beach $414,200
Medford St. Raphael church dormitory $404,200
Newbury 111 Northern Blvd. (.749 acres on Plum Island) $389,100
Lowell Moore St. (3-story, 9-plus bedroom house) $376,000
Newton 12 Allen Pl. (former rectory) $369,000
Chelsea Parcel at former church $366,400
Gloucester 165 Eastern Ave. (one parcel) $350,400
Swampscott Humphrey St. (condo building) $339,900
Newton 253 Watertown St. (former St. Jean's) $313,600
Hudson 44 Central (church) $310,700
Somerville Central St. (office building) $310,000
Maynard 1 Percival St. (former St. Bridget school) $308,100
Winthrop Rented portion of church-owned building $289,000
Sherborn 14 Farm Rd. $275,000
Milton 865 Brush Hill Rd. (7.3 acres) $258,200
Lowell 327 Gorham St. (commercial building) $252,600
Lexington 718 Massachusetts Ave. $240,000
Maynard Great Rd. (land) $234,400
Hull 212 Samoset Ave. (single-family home) $229,200
Franklin Union St. (37.5 acres) $225,000
Chelsea Clark Ave. (apartments) $209,500
Hudson 13A Green St. (Christ the King school) $203,100
Milton 265 Wolcott Rd. (2.19 acres) $199,800
Franklin Vine St. (26.1 acres) $199,600
Groveland Undeveloped land (10.7 acres) $198,000
Groton 29 Old Orchard St. $183,300
Lowell Gorham St. (demolition site) $182,200
Quincy 31 Gay St. (apartments) $160,700
Ipswich 20 Topsfield Rd. (.4 acres residential land) $147,600
Millis Curve St. (11.18 acres) $137,100
Gloucester 6 Lake Rd. (one parcel) $127,100
Gloucester 15 Ocean Ave. (one parcel) $127,000
Foxboro 99 Mechanic St. $119,300
Chelsea Vacant land $113,100
Scituate Hatherly Rd. (10.2 acres) $106,400
Ipswich 22 Topsfield Rd. (.44 acres residential land) $100,800
Boston-Jamaica Plain Haverford St. (Our Lady of Lourdes convent) $94,800
Winthrop Winthrop St. (undeveloped parcel) $86,100
Gloucester 15 Farrington Ave. (one parcel) $47,700
Westwood Gay St. (1 acres [sic?]) $33,200
Wakefield Butler Ave. (parcel near church) $12,600
Haverhill Chadwick St. (12,300 sq. ft. of land) $10,000
Hingham French St. (20.8 acres)  
Hingham Woodlock Rd. (19 acres)  

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