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How Serious Is the Problem of Sexual Abuse by Clergy?
Greeley's 1993 Article and the Debate Surrounding It

On March 20, 1993, the Jesuit weekly America published an important article by Fr. Andrew Greeley on the sexual abuse crisis. Frank Fitzpatrick had gone public about the Porter abuses on May 6 of the previous year, and after months of appalling revelations, Seán O'Malley, the new bishop of Fall River MA, had settled the Porter cases on December 3, 1992. Jason Berry's Lead Us Not into Temptation had been published in October 1992, and the debate about the crisis continued into the new year.

Greeley's article was notable for its blunt estimate that 100,000 people had been abused by priests—his numbers are still cited—and for his espousal of the victims' cause: "I admit that I am on the side of the survivors." Greeley is fascinating and necessary reading, as we all prepare to evaluate the bishops' report on the causes and scope of the crisis.

We present Greeley's article, together with the exchange that he and Rev. Philip J. Murnion had about the statistics of the crisis—still an open and confusing issue, almost eleven years later. We also provide some of the context for their debate. This feature begins a project to extend our Timeline back from January 2002 into the earlier history of this ongoing crisis. Please email us with suggestions for adding articles from the 1980s and 1990s.

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