Third Alleged Rape Victim Testifies against Hornbuckle

August 10, 2006

Fort Worth, Texas -- A third alleged rape victim confronted former Arlington minister Terry Hornbuckle in court Thursday.

The woman testified that Hornbuckle introduced himself as "Terry Lee," saying he worked for the Dallas Cowboys counseling NFL rookies, and that he been a pro football player himself.

The woman said she met Hornbuckle at a Bedford health club and that she gave him her telephone number, which he repeatedly called.

She also said Hornbuckle went to her house in his Cadillac Escalade, even though she had told him she was uncomfortable with men being at her house.

"He told me that God brought him into my life to teach me how to trust men. I prayed that it was true," she said.

The woman admitted that they had smoked methamphetamines together from a crack pipe Hornbuckle had. But she said on his second visit, he drugged her and she woke up naked in bed with him.

She testified that she learned Hornbuckle's true identity only months later when she saw him arrested on TV.

"Our position is with the other young ladies, had they told him no, he would have left. It was consentual," Defense lawyer Leon Haley said.

Two former members of Hornbuckle's Agape Christian Fellowship also testified against him.

Both women testified that he came to their houses for counseling, but one said he brought beer and kissed her, and the other said he brought a bottle of wine and gave her a massage.

"We want them to understand the case from our perspective and in disproving the defense theory of the case," prosecutor Sean Colston said.

"The young ladies that testified said that he may have made some inappropriate gestures toward them, but when they told him to leave, he did," Haley said.

Hornbuckle's wife continues to sit in court, along with other supporters, during all the scandalous testimony.

However, other people in the crowded courtroom said they hope to see this fallen minister go to prison.


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