Uncle Jimmy

By Antoinette Shakespeare
The Jamaica Observer
July 18, 2006

This is an absolutely dreadful time for this society.

Just when I had the conviction that we had seen every stage of insanity and barbarity in this country, there arrives the sexual abuse against a 13 year-old child, earlier this year, the perpetrators reportedly video taping the act.

In any event, it would be unfair to judge all the members of the church involved. But it's a simple case of false prophets and so called "men of God". The Bible says " suffer the little children to come unto me". I am, however, very sure the word was not synonymous to abusing the vulnerable.

Donovan James, or 'Uncle Jimmy' as he is referred to by those on the tape. Even more so the tone of these youngsters seems to suggest that they trusted him- the man who has for years been a deacon at the Dayton Avenue Church of God.

James, 47, was held in connection with the incident along with three other males, including an 18 year-old and a 14 year old boy. The men have been in custody for some time. They were, however, formally charged a few days ago.

After their detainment, a nerve-wracking statement was given by founding member Ruby Kelly, "What wrong have they done more than others that they should still be in the lock-up, did they kill someone?" Statements like these make me wonder where the morality that should exist in the church is going. It may force others to believe that the institution is more concerned with its reputation rather than bringing the truth forward. All this can be explained in one word: Politics.

It was also stated that the pastor said, "The Lord is going to punish the leaker." It makes one wonder if a statement like this is coming from a woman with children?

A so-called letter of apology was issued. However, it was not really an apology but a statement which bashed media houses, civil society and played the blame game. In this letter, they pointed out that the church stood for "the principles and purity of the body as the temple of God.

They even had the audacity to draw references from the Hebrews boys and Daniel from the Bible.

Why did it take so long for this crime to come to light? Was it that the deacon or should I say Satan reincarnate had to be given first priority? I am shocked to see what this society has turned into!


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