Good News! Bishop Daily Rescinds Ban on VOTF

May 2, 2003

Dear Friends,

As many of you are well aware, Voice of the Faithful members have been banned from meeting on Church property in eight dioceses across this country. This affront to our sensibilities and Catholic spirit has been the source of pain for our members, wherever they live. However, we have stayed the course in dialogue with our bishops, and today we have seen the fruits of some of these efforts, specifically in the Diocese of Brooklyn.

On April 29, in a letter from Bishop Daily to priests in the Diocese of Brooklyn, the bishop announced that he is rescinding the ban against VOTF from meeting on church property. The significance of this action cannot be underestimated. In his letter, Bishop Daily stated that he found VOTF documents "to be in accord with the teachings of the Church." This unprecedented action by Bishop Daily is testimony to both the words and deeds of the affiliate members in Brooklyn - the truth of who we are - in their collaborative dialogue with their bishop. Additionally, it speaks to the courage of Bishop Daily who is the first of eight bishops who have imposed bans on VOTF to reverse his decision. You can read VOTF-Brooklyn's press release on the VOTF national Web site.

This positive action by Bishop Daily is also testimony to the fruits that grow from the collaborative efforts of laity, parish clergy, and hierarchy. As we learn more about the events that gave rise to this historic action we can only wonder what impact this will have on the decisions of other bishops who have banned us. Hopefully, this will serve as a model for all to witness, and will allay the fears of our critics, proving that we are who we say we are.

Congratulations to our sisters and brothers in the Brooklyn Diocese who have worked so painstakingly to meet in their churches, and congratulations to all Catholics who can regard this historic event as evidence that there is hope for all of us to come together in unity to build a stronger and healthier Catholic Church.

Please forward this message to a friend who may be interested in learning the truth of who we are.

Warm regards,

Steve Krueger

Executive Director, VOTF


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