Scurrilous Attack on Brave Priests

By Bob Maher
Boston Globe
March 15, 2003

I WAS UPSET after reading the article about conservative columnists in the newspaper The Pilot attacking the character of the 58 priests who signed a letter asking for the cardinal to resign ("Priests who asked Law to quit attacked," Page A1, March 8). As a Catholic I am still reeling from the scandals of priestly child abuse and the coverup. The true villains are the numerous priests guilty of pedophilia and the bishops and cardinals who allowed it to flourish under their watch.

To suggest, as the conservative writers have done, that a few of the 58 priests who signed the letter had ministerial careers not without "major potholes" is outrageous. The major pothole that Law and his brother bishops drove so many innocent children into is the pothole we should be concerned about.

I, for one, was pleased to see the priests call for Law's resignation. I pray for their continued courage and that these conservative attack articles are not the first salvo in an attempt by the archdiocese to blackball these priests.

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