Letter to the Editor (Long Island Edition)
January 22, 2003

Once again, in his capacity as Newsday's favorite Catholic pop theologian, Dick "If You Can't Say Something Negative About the Catholic Church, Then Say Nothing at All" Ryan offers his own unique solution to charitable giving.

His stated solution is... don't give the Bishop's Annual Appeal anything at all. Why? Because "Roman Catholics on Long Island don't have a clue about where their money is being spent."

Apparently, either Ryan cannot read or a comprehensive brochure that accompanied the Bishop's Appeal was missing from his envelope.

The brochure goes into great detail as to where the money goes for this established charity that helps so many needy people here on Long Island.

So Catholics have a decision to make. Should they continue to generously support a highly efficient, well established charity with a proven track record of helping thousands of needy people on Long Island over the last decades? Or should they cut these people off from this lifeline because of the conjectures of a chronic dissident?

William Schroeder

Rockville Centre


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