A Church in Crisis: Sunlight Needed
Letters to the Editor

New York Times
January 17, 2003

To the Editor:

As a former seminarian who tries to stay close to the Catholic tradition, I found your Jan. 12 front-page article about the church's sexual scandal to be informative and insightful.

It confirmed my concern that "Humanae Vitae," the 1968 papal encyclical upholding the church's condemnation of birth control, had proved to be so unreasonable and irrelevant that some would jettison all the church's sexual teachings.

Add the sexual revolution of the 1960's, and you have a big part of the explanation for the scandal.

The sexual issues that perplex the laity must be addressed by the hierarchy, theologians and the clergy with input from married Catholics.

There are "liberals" who would remake the church in their own image and "conservatives" who want nothing less than the restoration of the pre-Vatican II church.

There must be a vital center somewhere.
Bedminster, N.J., Jan. 12, 2003


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